FINE ART PRINT-Quality Framing & Canvas Print At Affordable Prices

Print & Canvas


We print photographs in all sizes from 16" x 12" up to 60" x 44". Our prices for smaller sizes - up to 30" x 20" are usually lower than most high street outlets and they do not print larger sizes.

Note: This service is now available to our retail customers
We have been producing high-quality print canvas for many years, supplying portrait studios, self-publishing artists, photographers, designers, interior designers, corporate and business clients.

This is full professional studio quality and should not be confused with the very basic and often poor quality 'mock canvas' offered by the large minority of outlets - this includes most of the best known names on the high street.
We know of no other outlet offering this level of accuracy and quality to the public at these highly affordable prices.
Our prices are comparable and often cheaper than those charged by the usual 'high street' printers for poor quality reproductions on fake polyester or mixed 'canvas effect'.
You will receive a high quality print on genuine heavyweight cotton canvas, sealed, lightly varnished and fully stretched and ready to hang.
Your picture will have been inspected for any faults or marks and it will be the entirety of the picture without bits cut off to make it fit standard sizes and it will be the best the image will allow.
Almost every day, our framing workshops see clients who have received their apparently bargain priced 'canvas picture' from ebay or other internet sellers, only to find a rolled up piece of cheap polyester. It has been printed on an old first generation machine using cheap copy inks from China and is not the 'picture' they expected, as it still needs a rim and stretching... Usually without enough material left around the edges to do this, it is cheaper to start again than salvage the remains.
Ultimately, regardless of what we might say here, the only thing that really counts is that YOU can see the difference. You are welcome to inspect any of our work or materials at any time, in our workshops or galleries and make your own decision. 
We produce to your EXACT SIZE and requirements, we make our own stretcher bars and are in no way governed by standard formats or factory sizes - we do not thererfore have to 'wrap' images and do not cut off heads or feet!

Our computer monitors are colour balanced and perfectly matched to our printers and media. They display the image EXACTLY as it will be reproduced, in colour, contrast and clarity. With our computer programmes we can manipulate, reshape, crop, trim, enhance and colour adjust most images. Marks or scratches can be removed and colour images converted to grayscale or sepia. Our printers are of the highest quality, utilising twelve colours, including greys. These offer the widest possible and most accurate colour range. We are also able to produce genuine 'greyscale' images without the usual colour casts due to both the unique grey inks used and our pure white media.
Simply provide us with the digital file on disc, memory stick or any memory card.
Please remeber that the final quality is dependant on the image we have to work with. There is often too much emphasis put on file size and 'pixels'. A small file from a good camera will always give better results than a large file taken on a mobile phone with a plastic lens only 1/8th inch wide and covered in fluff.
High resolution scanning from old photographs or paper print and so on, is also offered, with surprisingly good results.
All images are enlarged on our screen and accessed for clarity, focus and colour before printing. There is no charge should you not be sure how it will come out, so simply ask us to take a look.
 Canvas is supplied fully stretched on gallery box bars, ready to hang. Should you require a more traditional look, we offer standard stretching and our full framing services. Three days later, you will have a fine art canvas or print, ready to hang. 

We respect the copyright of artists, photographers and publishers. Please do not ask us to reproduce any item that you do not have a clear title to. We WILL ask for evidence of release on studio photographs where they are marked copyright. Without this, we will not undertake the work.
Where copyright is not plainly evident, any breach will be the sole responsibility of the customer.