PARTNERSHIPS-Quality Framing & Canvas Print At Affordable Prices



With over twenty five years experience of operating multiple retail galleries and framing outlets, we are fully conversant with the needs and requirements of most retail outlets. Whilst now concentrating fully on our trade clients, workshop outlets and 'franchise' framing partners, we are always willing to consider viable alternatives and propositions.

If you have a retail outlet, photographic studio or craft workshop, where we can produce items for you to sell, please contact us.


Should you require anything from a dozen frames, as a one off order for a client, continuous supply of product, or even the loan of some high quality artwork for a dressing or photo shoot, please do ask us.


If it is viable and cost effective, we will be pleased to help.


We are not precious about our work or 'competitors', where every business has to start somewhere and then establish it's own client base and specialities either from the outset or in time. However, it is simply not sensible or affordable for every framer to stock items or operate machinery that they may only need once a year!


Why not ask us the next time you get that awkward, unusual or 'is it worth it' job come in, as it is worth a phone call, where work is far too hard to get to ignore - for both of us !!!


If you are a local framer and have a piece of work outside of your usual experience, or need specialist machinery for an unusual or awkward item...WE ARE HAPPY TO HELP!


Need a mount board with multiple apertures in many shapes, freehand or traced apertures, multiple v grooves, ovals and circles, etc.? It is often not cost effective in time taken alone, to cut 500 or even 50 mounts by hand.


On a manual morso, an order for 50 frames could have you walking with a limp for a week (and four inch mouldings need a fair few stones bouncing on them to cut)...


Museum, ultra view and specialist glass has to be purchased in minimum quantities or the price is just cost not loose a specialist job while we have cut sheets in stock.


Factory stretcher bars come in fixed sizes, cheap ones often warp and twist in use and are a pain to get square. We make our own in every possible size, fixed square and will supply one to a thousand at trade prices. We will even stretch your canvas, finish and cell wrap it ready for the client if you wish


We are also happy to print onto 24 and 44 inch canvas or photographic media from your own artwork, to the highest quality....we appreciate that normal demand for large format printing, especially over 24", seldom if ever warrants the investment in a 44" printer..


You can come to us for any part of an order you receive, whether you simply do not have the time or inclination to do yourself or do not have the required equipment .......we will undertake the work for you.

We offer full trade terms and you can easily maintain a sensible profit margin.

We have the following machinery available:
  • Trucut flatbet computer mountcutter
  • Associated software for multiple, freehand and script cutting etc
  • Valiani pneumatic vertical mountcutter
  • Keencut mount and mdf cutters
  • Jayden and Morso manual mitre cutters
  • Morso hydraulic power mitre cutter
  • Canon 44" prograf printer 12 colour lucia
  • Canvas, photographic and paper media
  • Epson 24"      5 and 7 colour photographic printers
  • Flatbed scanners and photographic studio for digitising
  • Photoshop, lightroom and canon software for airbrushing, colour balancing etc.
  • Colage and creative picture formatting software.