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Below is the agreement for the display and sales of artwork.
Unfortunately it has to be formal in nature.
We are however very relaxed in our approach and feel that we are able to offer every opportunity for both experienced and new artists to display and sell their work.
Please feel free to visit for a look around and to enquire how we can adapt to suit you.....



Space is available to display original artwork, photography and crafts at the rates shown below, subject wholly to it’s suitability as determined by Cygnets Galleries. No explanation or reason shall be given for denial of space or facilities.

All work shall be that of the submitting individual. No third party or purchased items will be allowed (unless they form a part of or are a component of the artwork as a whole) unless as part of an up scaling or refurbishment craft under any circumstances.

Every item must be clearly priced at all times and show contact details of the exhibitor. Signage and ticketing must be of a suitable quality and where required, our studio will produce these for a token sum covering costs.

Where applicable, all items displayed or sold shall be covered by the artist’s own product and public liability insurance. Items must comply with all legislation and safety requirements.

Framed product must be of a suitable quality as to not be detrimental to the perceived standards of Cygnets Galleries and OUR framing services. Old, second hand or recycled frames will not be admitted into the gallery. Trade discounts will be offered to all confirmed exhibitors in order to frame, mount or present items for display.

The security and safety of all items is the exhibitors’ responsibility. Whilst we will staff the gallery at all times, we cannot be responsible for items lost, stolen or damaged.

Suitable hangers are provided for framed product only. Shelves, (standard slatwall fixing) floor bases (40”x16" / 100cm x 30cm), cabinets and tables are your own responsibility.

The areas are occupied on an ‘in residence’ basis for you to attend to your own customers. You may share staffing with a fellow exhibitor provided we are informed of such arrangements on a daily basis.

Should your space be left unattended during opening hours we will make every effort, (but cannot guarantee) to serve potential purchasers. 

Where Cygnets Galleries have attended to a customer, any resulting sale shall be subject to a commission of 15% of the sale price at that time or when that customer returns to complete a purchase.

SOLELY AT OUR OWN DISCRETION and without obligation to display at any time, we may accept art or craftwork for show in our own gallery on a 'commission sale' basis. In the event of a sale we will deduct a fee of 30% from the ticketed or sale price (whihever is lower). Card payment facilities are available and will not incur further cost.
All work must be accompanied by the sellers full details and a suitanle invoice. Any sale will be wholly between the artist and customer and will not be liable for vat (other than fee). Goods left on site will remain the property and responsibility of the seller and we will accept no liability for damage, loss or theft of any kind. It will be the sellers responsibility to insure items if required.



No display wall or area may be covered or sheeted at any time during opening hours. In such event all goods will be removed from the gallery and any remaining rental payment or display period forfeited.

All exhibitors are required to keep suitable wrapping on site and their own invoicing facilities or receipts.

Card payment facilities are available on request subject to our separate agreement.

Artists and craft workers are encouraged to work whilst on the premises in a studio environment.

Your allotted area will be made available to you immediately prior to gallery opening and must be cleared prior to closing time on the last day booked.

It is intended that we share facebook marketing and updating our website page on a weekly basis.

Trading Hours;

 Monday and Tuesday; By Arrangement

Wednesday to Saturday; 10.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday;                           Opening by arrangement if required

 Cost guide per week;

Wall                 8ft x 4ft wall or 2 of 4ft x4ft panels            £ n / a

Table              6ft x2ft or equivalent                                   £ n/ a

Studio             9ft x 16ft floor / 2 of 8ft x 4ft walls

                       4 of 4ft x 4ft panels / tables within             £60.00

Half Studio    4ft x 14ft floor space / wall to back
                      4ft x 10ft side wall / tables within                £30.00

Window Studio 10ft x 16 ft with panels                             £80.00

For further details please ask at the gallery or

Telephone; 0791 8680804

or email;

 With the following details;

 Name                         Contact telephone                  

Date or period requested


Space required                                 Wall or floor

Brief description of painting style, picture type or craftwork


Minimum / maximum prices £     / £      Will you be staffing your display; yes/no


Would you like working space; yes/no


*  *  *  *  *  *  *

We look forward to your enquiry,

The Artists Quarter @ Cygnets Galleries